Flagler Farms is your local farmer located in Flagler Beach, Florida.

Flagler Farms started as a hobby poultry farm, not for public benefit, just something to teach our young boy, Danny, that there is more to life than playing video games. We wanted to teach our child responsibility, so our son, Danny, used his own allowance to purchase 38 chicks to have chickens that lay eggs.

Danny still got up early before school, feeding the chickens and making sure everything was right when he returned home. His eggs proved very popular, with a great demand, then building interest for a Pasture Raised Chicken Farm.

This began the journey of Flagler Farms. We wanted a chicken to taste like a real chicken!

Danny's egg laying chickens proved 2 things. The first being, a chicken will do anything to be outdoors. The second, if a chicken sees a bug or grub the chicken would run past the feed container to get that tasty insect and then the whole flock will try to take it off the chicken that found it.

It then became very obvious that chickens should be Pasture Raised and not Indoor Organic Vegetarians. This is why Flagler Farms only has Pasture Raised chicken as it has a higher rating than organic.

As for the rest of the story, your taste buds will finish it off.....